Ultimo gelato


Parting is a little sweeter when you have as much gelato as we did….my last night in Milan. Granted, I’ll only be apart from Sara for 24 hours but for Italia it will be much longer. Grazie to my amazing hosts, Sara e Sante.

How can I know what good gelato is if I don’t try them all?


Today’s flavors were from Peck: pistachio, coffee, and chocolate chip. At least we shared this and didn’t get anything at Laduree across the street. Rumor has it we have to try one more tonight.

Caponata and burrata


Gelato del giorno


Sara: coconut and chocolate/hazelnut
Me: coconut, creme with strawberry, and chocolate/banana

Dinner at work (aka Sara’s house) – buonissima!


Salad with tomatoes, gorgonzola, nodini di mozzarella, kidney beans, salumi, bresaola, chicken breast, and borettane onions.

No seats left on the train!

We got to the station 5 minutes before the 6:20pm train left. There was “standing room only”. We didn’t want to wait an hour for the next train so we got on. It’s a 2 hr 40 mn train ride back to Milan from Venice.

Fresh mozzarella di bufala



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